Globale iPhone 3G Studie

Das Wired Magazin ruft zu einer globalen iPhone 3G Studie auf. In der Studie dreht sich alles um die Geschwindigkeit 🙂

IPhone 3G network performance issues aren’t isolated to the United States, and the time has come to collect global data. IPhone 3G owners from around the world: Wired.com needs your help. We’ve created an interactive ZeeMap, and we’d like you to report your iPhone 3G’s 3G and EDGE download and upload speeds. We promise it’s easy, and assuming your connections aren’t grindingly slow, this should only take you about five minutes.

Here’s what we’d like you to do:

1. Make sure iPhone Wi-Fi is turned OFF (Settings–>Wi-Fi–>OFF).

2. Make sure iPhone’s 3G is turned ON. (Settings –> General –> Networks –> 3G –> ON).

3. On your iPhone 3G, point your browser to TestMyiPhone.com and tap Start Test.

4. Under Download Speed Test, tap the 3G button. After the test runs, record the speed in Kbps (in the screenshot example, that’s 171 Kbps).

Um an der Studie teilzunehmen müsst ihr die Seite TestMyiPhone.com besuchen und den Anweisungen folgen. Ich bin schon ganz gespannt auf die Auswertung 🙂


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