Installer 3.1.1

Der Installer hat mal wieder ein Update erfahren. Wie immer wird beim Start darauf hingewiesen. Das Changelog findet ihr nach dem Klick.


  • Localization support (.lproj all the way!)
  • Sources fetched are no longer cached
  • Fast respring for 1.1.3+
  • Source description cell height is now dynamic as well.
  • Single source refresh button in the source info.
  • Experimental version comparison algo to prevent update offers when package is present in multiple repositories (only when version number can be decomposed using standard Apple�s algorithm).
  • Search field for the Uninstall section.
  • Adding a repository will only refresh it and not all of the sources.
  • Fixed an issue with permissions for the folders being created not getting proper permissions.
  • The section list table is now properly resized when keyboard appears/disappears.